My 2020 Vision: Using the Note Habit


You have a vision for a better life today. You know you want a change but don’t know where to start or how to get there.

Most people can’t articulate their life vision, mission or even what they value. A small percentage of people will have that information organized and rehearsed in their brain. That’s just not how we live from day to day.

There is a direct correlation between writing something down and your ability to do something about it. Most people without a note taking system simply keep stuff in their heads and that’s like having a leaking bucket. A note habit ensures you collect, process and archive what is important to you.

The first habit you need to start is the note collection habit. I started this journey about five years ago and it’s completely changed how I think, believe and see my future. Notes are for everything that you experience in a day.

Published by Michael Potter

Michael Potter is a gifted musician, technology nerd and support professional with a mission to help people improve their lives with technology. He’s passionate about Getting Things Done (GTD), mobile computing, writing and electronic communication. His new blog covers the love of note taking at

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