A true GTD app

I have been following the work of Franscico Saez and his software FacileThings 2. It’s always been a thoughtful and powerful app to be more productive.

Recently the mobile version features have caught up to the web app and become a really useful tool in my work and life.

A lot of popular apps make the claim to be GTD (David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology) but that is open to debate. One feature hardly makes software GTD. FacileThings has the complete methodology built in which is no small feat. The five phases include:

(1) capture what has our attention;
(2) clarify what each item means and what to do about it;
(3) organize the results, which presents the options we
(4) reflect on, which we then choose to
(5) engage with.

You won’t find apps with the 5 Phases except at FacileThings.

There is a free thirty day trial that you can try out the whole system (mobile versions included).

Let me know what you think!

The FacileThings blog is one reason to follow Fransisco. You can find it here: https://facilethings.com/blog

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