Speed Reading Is Dead

I really don’t understand the appeal of new apps like Blinkist and many courses on speed reading. Unless you’re a student who hasn’t read or understood a reading assignment, speed reading and summary books have little value.

Consider speed living. Everything you do is abbreviated: your work and fun are cut down to the main ideas and lasts only seconds. You have a nice outline of events but it has no detail or substance. No story.

A book is something that should be enjoyed, read slowly, understood and pondered (meditated on) because of the meaning you get from the author. There is life in the words that you miss if you hurry through it.

Consider this: someone will write your abbreviated life story for your funeral. Only your loved ones will know the whole story and the rich life beyond the eulogy summary.

Let’s slow down, read less but with more value. Choose the best books and stories then read for the entire experience.


Published by Michael Potter

Michael Potter is a gifted musician, technology nerd and support professional with a mission to help people improve their lives with technology. He’s passionate about Getting Things Done (GTD), mobile computing, writing and electronic communication. His new blog covers the love of note taking at https://annotatedpodcast.com

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