Ideas Expiring Soon!

“If you don’t write your ideas down, they could leave your head before you even leave the room.” – Richard Branson

Sadly for the great majority of people this is the reality. So much is lost in the busyness of work and play that we miss really important details.

We are told “the devil is in the details” but I never understood that idiom. The origin of that phrase actually began with “God is in the details” and meant things appear quite simple at first but a closer examination will reveal the greatness hidden from view.

Whatever you’re working on deserves the investment of note taking so that your creative, problem solving brain can bring value to the world. This starts with the simple idea…capture it. Don’t miss it!

Published by Michael Potter

Michael Potter is a gifted musician, technology nerd and support professional with a mission to help people improve their lives with technology. He’s passionate about Getting Things Done (GTD), mobile computing, writing and electronic communication. His new blog covers the love of note taking at

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