Why I’m Writing Notes

Of all the important subjects to write about, I chose the subject of notes because it is a foundational skill impacting everything you do.

My name is Michael Potter and I’m a technology professional, musician and avid reader who has a full and often overwhelming life to manage. These activities are by choice and not circumstance as I find my interest in doing new or different things nearly limitless. 

What years of experience has taught me is that my brain wasn’t designed to manage the many details, complexities and memories associated with the work I wanted to do. What’s worse, I am a creative type who prefers to remember and recall thousands of details of playing and performing music. Math formulas? Prime numbers? History dates? No. Not important enough to store that in my brain.

In the past few years I have rediscovered the value and necessity of writing, organizing and recalling notes to improve the quality of my work and leisure activities. This blog and podcast will “note” my journey along with experts who have helped me along the way.

Published by Michael Potter

Michael Potter is a gifted musician, technology nerd and support professional with a mission to help people improve their lives with technology. He’s passionate about Getting Things Done (GTD), mobile computing, writing and electronic communication. His new blog covers the love of note taking at https://annotatedpodcast.com

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